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The One Cup Pod and the new, low-pressure brewers are changing the way coffee is brewed at home.

Enjoy a variety of premium coffee house coffees and teas, fresh brewed one cup at a time.

Pods offer convenient, fresh brewed coffee one cup at a time

You can brew a fresh cup, when you want it, in about 30 seconds. Since you are brewing one cup instead of a whole pot, there is less waste and no loose grinds or even messy coffee pots to clean.

La POD® 1-Cup Pods Offer Variety to Satisfy Everyone

House Blend Regular:
This blend is the coffee of choice for serious connoisseurs. The finest Arabica beans, roasted in the European style, heighten this coffee’s distinct flavor and rich aroma.

House Blend Decaf:
Processed in green bean form from the finest 100% Arabica high grown coffees, roasted to give the rich flavor you expect and yet it is 98% caffeine-free.

100% Colombian:
This is South America’s finest gourmet coffee bean. These Arabica beans are grown at high mountain altitudes and produce a rich, mild, satisfying flavor with a full-bodied taste. The coffee is roasted to a medium dark roast, to create a dark, rich and full-bodied, yet winey taste that exhilarates the palate like a fine French wine.

Breakfast Blend:
Blended of the finest 100% hand picked Central and South American Arabica coffees. This blend is rich in flavor, color and aroma. It’s truly a cup to be savored!

French Roast:
The islands of the East Indies are legendary for their earthy, exotic coffee flavors. With beans from places like Java, New Guinea, and Sumatra… French Roast is a strong, very heavy blend with almost smoky overtones.

All Arabica coffees coated with just a hint of the finest hazelnut give this coffee its distinctive taste.

Vanilla Nut:
All Arabica coffees coated with the perfect amount of a combination of nutty with the sweetness of vanilla. This coffee provides perfect balance and can be enjoyed both day and night.

Guatemala Antigua:
Grown in a region located between three volcanoes in altitudes ranging from 4,600 to 5,600 feet, this coffee has a full and velvety body, a rich and lively aroma, and a fine acidity. 

Roasted to be one of the heaviest coffees of the offering. Sumatra is rich, thick, syrupy, and heavy with chocolaty and earthy undertones.

Black Tea:
Quality tea with a fruity aroma and hints of pine.  Brewing creates a cup with medium body and a long, smooth aftertaste.

Green Tea:
Tea is imported from quality tea growing areas of China and produces a somewhat sweet, fragrant, slightly astringent flavor with good body and refreshing aftertaste.

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